I am doing a personal blog for a change. This one comes from just the desire to communicate adequately where communication fails. Normally, I like to talk about spiritual or paranormal topics, historical or strange phenomena. Even though this is a personal experience it was still quite a strange occurrence. So, I had created a new Twitter account to be separate from my paranormal one. The Carl Johnson and Lana Brock Twitter page is really our professional collaboration experience and marketing for our book. I thought, "I should open a new Twitter account so that people won't assign any of what I say under my own topics of interest to my colleague's charge. So I proceeded to create the new account. 
So one of my most current hobbies, at the moment, is doing reaction videos on Youtube. Rap is the first music that really sparked my attention; specifically Eminem. So I followed him on Twitter and a few other rappers, such as Kxng Crooked. I posted a few funny posts unde…


By Lana Brock

First, in order to know if there is negative energy within your body, you must know the symptoms.

*Feeling down, anxious, or depressed

*Feeling restless

*Can’t sleep

*Constant stomachaches and headaches


*Mood swings and inability to control your emotions

*Negative thinking

Second, how does one do a Spiritual Cleansing? Spiritual cleansing can vary from person to person according to how you prefer and also how you believe.

If you believe in psychological influences on the physical body, you might want to convince your body to be positive, uncluttered and cleansed. Meditation is important in bringing peace of mind to yourself. Here are a few steps included in the spiritual cleansing of the body’s inner energies. Crystals have been proven to affect the physical body. They are considered effective alternative therapies.

Find a quiet, safe space.

Prepare a scented candle, or light incense, pillow, sage, crystals of carnelian and kyanite, and a Bible or a book of inspi…


So, it is now the year of 2020. This has been a difficult year for me. I had a full hysterectomy before Thanksgiving and found out I had stage 1 uterine cancer. It was a blessing that it was fully contained within the uterus and did not spread. I am forever grateful for my daughter, who was with me the entire time for the surgery, for the first couple of days of recovery and just for being my emotional support. I love her very much. She is my tweety bird. She is one of the reasons I feel hope in my life. She is one of the reasons I smile and feel such love. My daughter is the most precious to me.

Now at the beginning of 2020, I wonder what may be next. What new things shall I experience at work? What new movies, new music I shall watch and hear? What good will happen in the year? I don't want to curse the year by starting out with any kind of negativity. I began this year thinking about my favorite movie this past year, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It had such an impact on m…


By Lana J. Brock 

Many people attempt to define what a demon is. But all that really is available to us to extrapolate a vague description of one is mythology or Biblical references. The only other factor that contributes to the definition of a demon, in today's world, are the numerous television shows which display documentary style re-enactments of people affected by the presence of demonic energies. Movies and television provide a poor visualization and explanation of what demons are and how to really rid them from infesting humans and their residences; as producers tend to draw upon very old depictions of those entities and apply only a biased view of how to rid of them. This is truly a false representation of what they are and how they are to be dealt with. 
Firstly, I do not believe a demon has any care of religion, your denomination, your belief in them or not. Really, I would rather like to include religion and myth only as references in an attempt to support what I belie…


Shadow Realms Demonology Handbook By Carl L. Johnson & Lana J. Brock

Two years in the making, this book was. Carl and I began the book under the assumption I would assist and edit. However, he had asked if I would like to write an article or two for the book. He felt the book could use some balance and other theories. My new angle on life was to "think outside the box". I wrote a couple of chapters and then after editing a few of Carl's articles I began to think of other possibilities which could contribute to make the book more balanced. Before long I had almost as many chapters written as Carl. He continued to encourage me to write more.
In those two years of acquiring new chapters he and I would spend hours upon hours speaking extensively on different possibilities of the spiritual realm and how history and mythology played a part in how we view demonology today. We began to realize that demonology needed an injection of new theory or something less traditional i…


Lana Brock on Syfy Paranormal Witness Episode "Deliver Us From Evil" first airing on  July 10, 2013 taken from the story "Growing Up In a Haunted House" by Lana Brock in 2011.

The opportunity for telling my story of the haunting of my childhood home presented itself to me back in 2011 when Paranormal Witness requested stories to be submitted for production consideration on their program. I wrote out a simple outlined story format of the haunting and the events which took place in my home.  I submitted it to Raw Television's email address.  I knew submitting my story by an emailed Word Document complete with photos would be much faster than someone else's snail mail stories.  I wanted my story to be seen first.  Of course, I knew there would be my story among countless others.  I didn't know what Paranormal Witness would see in my story which would give me a better shot at having my story produced over others.  However, I figured that I had to try.  It …


While it may be true that sometimes after many people see that you have been on television they all try to contact you and there is no way possible you could respond to them all. There is no way you could respond to all of the people you know personally. Sometimes you have to prioritize and try to remember everyone. It would be nice to go on your twitter or on your Facebook page and take the time to acknowledge those who write you, that you have read their messages...and thank them despite the fact you have had no time to respond. It’s nice to see a general message to everyone saying this. However, the behavior between celebrity paranormal investigators and researchers can sometimes be comparable to an all out beauty pageant cat fight. Nothing wrong with being on television, the news, having a book, or appearing for people. Certainly this makes you a celebrity in the paranormal least for a small period of time. And sometimes people build you up, boost your ego, te…